Mr. Duck Chang & "Momma" Chang
Mr. Duck Chang & “Momma” Chang

Since our opening in 1975, the public and media promptly dubbed Chef Chang “Duck” due to his unsurpassed talent at preparing Peking Duck and affectionately named his wife “Momma” Chang due to the fact that when you eat at Duck Chang’s, Momma Chang makes sure that everyone feels like part of the Family.

Duck Chang’s

Established in 1975, this is the restaurant that popularized Peking Duck in the States! Duck Chang is synonymous with Peking Duck from the moment Chef Man Ming Chang otherwise known as Duck Chang made his debut here in the U.S.

Duck Chang’s was the first and only Chinese restaurant in the United States at the time that prepared and served Peking Duck without 24hrs advanced notice. Chef Duck Chang revolutionized and pinoneered the process which can produce Peking Ducks without pre advance ordering. A process other restaurants tries to imitate.

By reducing the preparation process from 24hrs down to 6 – 8 hrs procedure, we can serve up a duck within 15 minutes from the time you place your order! Now, you can order Peking Duck anytime as long as Duck Chang’s is open!!!

Duck Chang got his name from his public and media because he was so famous for his Peking Duck! The media dubbed him “Duck” Chang and his followers knew him as Duck Chang. When he opened his restaurant in 1975, it was only logical to name the restaurant Duck Chang’s! Aside from the specialty Peking Duck, Duck Chang’s also offers a full menu with delicious specialties from Mandarin, Szechuan and Canton cuisine.

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