Huawei 5G, Gear Up

The development of global 5G in network, deployment, ecology and experience is beyond imagination.
Whether for individuals, families or every organization, 5G is creating unprecedented value.
We will work closely with our customers and partners to focus on 5G innovative applications, prosper the 5G ecosystem, and accelerate 5G commercial success.

Huawei 5G Progress

Leading R&D Investment

Between 2009 and 2013, Huawei invested more than US$600 million into 5G technology research. Following this, in 2017 and 2018 Huawei invested almost US$1.4 billion into 5G product development.

  • Leading Business Cooperation
  • By July, 2019 cooperate with 50 5G commercial contracts and
    150,000 base station shipments

Recognition by Industry Organizations

Various key awards in the 5G industry, including the 5G Evolution Outstanding Contribution Award, Best Infrastructure Award, 5G R&D Outstanding Contribution Award, etc.

Mature E2E Technology

The only equipment provider that can provide end-to-end 5G products and solutions, including 5G CPEs for commercial use, 12 months to 18 months ahead of competitors .

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